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Smarter house with heating Systems

The biggest percentage of energy consumed by buildings in Cyprus attributed to the heating system.
The heating system comprises of: a) the heat production system (boiler, heat pump, solar panels, etc)
b) the heat distribution system (pipes, radiators, etc) and c) the control subsystem.

Efficient technologies for residential and commercial applications.

We offer heating solutions for virtually any situation; from heat pumps to fired condensing boilers and solar thermal heating systems, as well as domestic water heating fireplaces, system control technology and accessories. Every home or business can play an active role in reducing fuel consumption and protecting our environment.

The right product for every application

Whether the project is a new building or retrofit, single-family home or district heating network, we have an ideal heating solution. From individual system components to fully integrated multi-fuel heating systems – all of our products are future-proof and economical.

Heating systems

Examined separately, every heating technology has its advantages and limitations, that need close attention. Compression boilers and heat pumps may need a higher initial investment, but they have lower operational costs. Installing a solar heating system may be an ideal solution in Cyprus, where there is ample sunshine  most of the year.  Therefore, the combination of a heating system using renewable sources of energy and a water- heating fireplace can offer the optimum solution.

A complete ideal heating system should at least include some of the following solutions:

  • Heat pump
  • Condensing boiler
  • Heating Solar Systems
  • Water heating fireplace
Did You Know? Heat is measured in British thermal units, or Btu. One kitchen match = 1 Btu; One kilowatt-hour = 3,413 Btu; One therm of gas = 100,000 Btu. A typical house will use tens of thousands of Btus per hour on a cold day.
A water-bearing fireplace does not only give a lovely view of fire- it also produces hot water for your heating system at the same time. Our water-bearing fireplaces meet state-of-the art technology and design without being hard to handle. Just perfect!